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Rosmarinus offcinalis 'Albiflorus' (white rosemary)

Rosmarinus offcinalis 'Albiflorus' (white rosemary)

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This variety of rosemary has a semi-upright growth pattern and produces narrow, light green leaves. Its delicate white flowers feature lovely lavender veins. An added bonus is its delicious flavor, making it a desirable addition to any garden or kitchen.

Evergreen Shrub

Height  x  Width:  up to 6 ft. x 3-6 ft.

USDA Zones: 4-10

Full Sun

Little to Moderate Watering

We ship based on the average last frost date for shipping zip codes and also when the plants are well rooted in their pots. Most plants are shipped in 2 3/8” square, by 3 ¾” deep “band pots”. Plant size varies by species and ship date but will be well-rooted, high-quality and ready to plant.

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