Charsaw Farms

Our Story

In 2006, Doug and Julie Thompson took a chance on a 3.5 acre piece of property in Napa, California with the dream of making it a home and gathering place for friends and family.  After years of hard work, renovations, building additions, land development and countless games of bocce ball and pickleball, they succeeded in making this plot of land a truly wonderful place to live. They raised their 4 children, hosted several weddings, and housed friends and family on Napa get-a-ways in wine country. Nine grandchildren later and much debate over what the next chapter of life looked like, Julie and Doug decided to turn their family home into a lavender farm to share the beauty of the property with everyone.

Along with two of their daughters, Elizabeth and Mollie, the Thompsons launched Charsaw Farms, named after Liz’s daughter Charley “Char” and Mollie’s daughter Sawyer “Saw”. Together, the family sees a place where handmade oils, tinctures, soaps and baking goods are crafted with the same level of love, fun and adventure that the family is known for in their community. 

Charsaw Farms celebrates family, healthy living and the natural beauty of Northern California. Be sure to follow Charsaw Farms on social media for news and information on harvests, products, and more to come in 2021. 

Doug & Julie Thompson

The family has always referred to Doug as “the farmer” after he and Julie moved to this lot. A serial entrepreneur often seen riding the grandchildren around on the tractor, he brings continued enthusiasm and ideas on how to grow the farm. If Doug isn’t in the office, riding the tractor or working in the yard, you can find him on the pickleball court he and Julie added to the house a couple of years ago. Doug’s participation mainly consists of land management, picking weeds and studying the best growing practices for this amazing “power” plant. 

Julie spent the last 24 years dedicating herself to her students and parents as an 8th grade teacher, and then as a principal for Holy Spirit School in Fairfield, California. She retired in June of 2019, and is thrilled that she gets to, once again, dedicate herself to something she loves. Julie has had a passion for bees for years, and what a perfect vocation as a lavender farmer, where bees thrive and assist with the growing process. Julie also offers hive removal in the area if anyone finds themselves in a “sticky” situation.

Elizabeth & Charley

Elizabeth brings a culinary aspect to the company, as she enjoys experimenting with lavender and baked goods. As most of her desserts surpass mom and her two sisters’ abilities, it was a no brainer to have Liz’s culinary skills utilized. Liz and Julie focus on the distillation process and manufacturing of our lavender products such as oil,  hydrosol, baking goods and sachets. This combo is also responsible for keeping the hands and lips of our customers hydrated with our salve and lip balm.

Mollie & Sawyer

Mollie adds an agriculture background after studying Agricultural Business at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Before becoming a mother, Mollie was the District Sales Manager in Northern California for a large wine producer based in Australia. Her knowledge of the wine industry, and tourism in the area, have assisted the family in sales strategies. She and Doug focus on the business side of Charsaw Farms, and you will often catch them in deep conversation about Charsaw’s next venture!