Our Story

In 2006, Doug and Julie Thompson took a chance on a 3.5 acre piece of property in Napa, California with the dream of making it a home and gathering place for friends and family.  After years of hard work, renovations, building additions, land development and countless games of bocce ball and pickleball, they succeeded in making this plot of land a truly wonderful place to live. They raised their 4 children, hosted several weddings, and housed friends and family on Napa get-a-ways in wine country. Nine grandchildren later and much debate over what the next chapter of life looked like, Julie and Doug decided to turn their family home into a lavender farm to share the beauty of the property with everyone.

Along with two of their daughters, Elizabeth and Mollie, the Thompsons launched Charsaw Farms, named after Liz’s daughter Charley “Char” and Mollie’s daughter Sawyer “Saw”. Together, the family sees a place where handmade oils, soaps and baking goods are crafted with the same level of love, fun and adventure that the family is known for in their community. 

In 2024, Jered and Anna Gryzybowski, owners of Goodwin Creek Gardens, joined the Charsaw Farms team. Jered and Anna, along with their daughters, Ella and Chloe, operate the greenhouse propagation and demonstration garden division in Southern Oregon where they grow and offer over 125 varieties of lavender and over 300 other perennial plants. Jered and Anna have been propagating plants and growing lavender and herbs organically for over a decade. 

Charsaw Farms celebrates family, healthy living and the natural beauty of Northern California and Southern Oregon. Be sure to follow Charsaw Farms on social media for news and information on harvests, products, and more to come around the farm!