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Origanum 'Kaliteri' (oregano 'Kaliteri')

Origanum 'Kaliteri' (oregano 'Kaliteri')

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Introduced by Richter's Herbs from unnamed seeds imported from Greece. Similar to sweet marjoram (Origanum x majoricum), but the leaves are silvery gray and the flavor is stronger.


Herbaceous perennial
 height x width 1½ x 1½'
USDA Zones 7-9

Starts shipping in April We ship based on the average last frost date for your shipping zip code and also when the plants are well rooted in their pots. Most plants are shipped in 2 3/8” square, by 3 ¾” deep “band pots”. Plant size varies by species and shipping date but will be well rooted and ready to plant.
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